It's harder to sell without a flow of Qualified Prospects

The old rule of thumb used to be - Sales Reps spent 80% of their time prospecting - only 20% of their time actually selling.

In today's competitive world, that's to inefficient and expensive. With today's available technology, it's easy/ affordable to delegate the Prospect Qualifying Process.

We use your specified 'Sales Funnel' - or adapts ours to your product/service.

It doesn't matter if your Sales Rep is selling face-to-face or remotely - their time should spent ONLY with QUALIFIED PROSPECTS. It's called 'Sales Productivity'.

Our focus is SMALL/MID SIZE Companies

We speak English with a North American flair

The Classic Sales Funnels Stages

cart Suspect – belongs to a market universe that might be interested in purchasing.
hause Qualified Suspect – company designs Plan so Suspect can indicate their interest.
delivery truck Prospect – company delivers info about product/service AND a method for prospect to reaffirm their interest.
group Qualified Prospect – Prospect advises company of financial capability to purchase and time frame of purchase.
family Decision Matrix – Sales Closing Meeting with Sales Rep. Prospect purchases or not.
Your Lead Costs Using modern technology, we can track and quantify your Inquiries – to our offices or yours – land or cell. Email can included. Inexpensively / accurately compute Closing Ratios. (Use with all your media channels)
Please Note We do new sales with companies selling B2B. We do not provide new sales calls to Residences. There’s to much potential grief with the FTC/FCC.
 Posted on : October 26, 2014

Our Associates Speak Neutral English

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